Very soon, on August 3, the next exhibition of franchises of the company "Franch Region" will be held.

21 İyul 2023 - 13:12

Very soon, on August 3, the next exhibition of franchises of the company "Franch Region" will be held.

August 3 - Baku, Sahil Hotel Baku, Block 1210, Khagani Rustamov str.

We invite all entrepreneurs of the Baku city and Azerbaijan!

Starts at 9:30

Admission is free.

For whom the exhibition will be useful

- novice entrepreneurs in search of an idea for business,

- experienced businessmen who want to try themselves in a new direction,

- franchisees who want to complement the business,

- franchisors expanding their business,

- investors looking for an effective way to increase their assets.

Guests of the exposition will enjoy a rich business program consisting of two parts:

1. Presentation of some of the most popular franchises on the market of such brands as: "Taxi Maxim", "BASCONI", "CDEK", "ELIS", "SOLIZEUM", "Stardogs", "Lifemart", "Optimist Optics", "Ergonova", "SUPERMOM" and others.

2. Speeches and master classes of famous speakers, representatives of large companies which includes :

Vasil Gazizulin - Co-founder of TopFranchise, author of the book "Grow with Franchise", export expert through franchising.

Topic: "Scaling through franchising";

Dogan Tomris - CEO of DKagency. Since 2004, he has been a consultant and entrepreneur in the field of franchising.

Topic: "Why can't we brand in Azerbaijan? Azerbaijan Franchise Market, Franchising Law";

Elnur Islamov - Head of the Franchising Center of Azerbaijan, author of the book "Franchising as an alternative model of business development", speaker of the international Caspian franchise forum, regional partner of in Azerbaijan.

Topic: "Franchising as a business model: opportunities and benefits for Azerbaijani entrepreneurs";

Orkhan Hajiyev Is A Co-founder Of The Networking Azerbaijan Business Club. Co-founder Of Baku Translation.

Topic: "Features of networking in Azerbaijan";

Jamid Jabar Oglu Movsumov - Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Azerbaijan Franchise Association.

Topic: "Investment of Azerbaijan";

Subkhan Namazov is a representative of the SME consulting company, and many others.

Within the framework of the Franchising Academy, you will learn how successful business models work, how to avoid mistakes when creating a franchise, about the most effective ways to promote in 2023 and many more important secrets of building a business.

Live communication will allow guests to understand all the details, and participants to get acquainted with the target audience.

It is important for exhibitors of the exhibition "Franch REGION" to provide the guest with a quality service, choosing the best product at the most affordable price.

Full list of exhibitors and registration on the official website of the company "Franch REGION":

Sponsor of the session: "Taxi Maxim" is an international taxi ordering service, which now operates in more than 1000 cities around the world.

Sponsor of the exhibition: "BASCONI" is a salon of branded shoes and accessories with high standards of customer service.

Information partners: "Event Horizon" is an online publication about people and events in foreign economic activity, "DFM" is the most rhythmic music radio in Azerbaijan, "Radio TMB" is an international radio channel, news portal "".

With the support of the Franchising Association of Azerbaijan and the Russian Franchising Association (RAF).